How to Choose A Bluetooth Headset 0

There are too many Bluetooth headsets. You may be confused, so today I am here to talk to you about how to choose a Bluetooth headsets.


One of the biggest differences between Bluetooth and wired headphones is stability and latency.

Bluetooth headsets have poor stability and often have disconnections.

As for the delay, when they "eat chicken", no one would want the avatar box to hear gunfire for two seconds, or the second subtitle disappeared while watching the video, and the first line was just spoken.

If you want to improve stability and further reduce latency, you must use more powerful Bluetooth technology on your headsets.

Not long ago, the SIG (Bluetooth Official Organization) announced that it would phase out all 4.1 Bluetooth versions.

Therefore, the mainstream wireless headphones are Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Compared with 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has twice the transmission rate and three times the transmission distance. At the same time, it reduces power consumption and power saving, and enhances anti-interference ability.

When purchasing a wireless Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth 5.0-enabled headsets will be better than 4.2 in terms of latency and stability.

Fortunately, iPhone 5.0 and Android phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon or Huawei Kirin processors in the past two years have supported Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

If your phone does not support Bluetooth 5.0, don't panic as it is also backward compatible and downgraded to 4.2.

Therefore, regardless of whether your phone supports it, we recommend that you choose a headsets that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

In addition, the "true wireless" Bluetooth headsets now mentioned on the Internet refer to Qualcomm's TWS (True Wireless Stereo) true wireless stereo technology.

Traditional Bluetooth earphones can only be connected to a single earphone, and the left and right earphones can be synchronized via a wire connection.

In short, the TWS Bluetooth headset connects one of the headsets to the phone as the main headset, and the main headset is connected to the rest of the headsets, thereby achieving wireless separation of the left and right channels.

This is also because the split earphone can be divided into a main earphone and a sub earphone, so after a long time, the battery loss of the two earphones will be different.

The TWS Plus technology developed on the basis of TWS uses two headsets as the main headset to connect directly to the phone.

While avoiding different battery losses, it also reduces latency and power consumption.

At present, TWS headphones have reached the level of 100 yuan.

Hundreds of expensive Bluetooth headsets almost all use TWS Plus technology, of course, choose TWS Plus Bluetooth headset.

  1. Sound quality

Perhaps many people think that the headset is Bluetooth, but also said that the sound quality is not sound quality.

In fact, you are wrong. The sound quality of different Bluetooth headsets may be very different.

When the quality of the sound source is the same, the sound quality mainly depends on the encoding format of the transmission and the sound generation unit of the headset.

According to the current audio encoding method of headphones, the audio quality output levels from low to high mainly include SBC, AAC, aptX, HWA and LDAC.

Among them, SBC and AAC are the former basic encoding formats, which are lossy encodings.

On the other hand, Qualcomm's aptX achieves higher-quality sound output without compromising sound quality by compressing audio files, and retains more details than the first two encodings.

AptX can also be subdivided into traditional (aptX), high quality (aptX-HD) and low latency (aptX Low Latency), each of which has its own characteristics.

Sony's LDAC and Huawei's HWA encoding support higher quality transmission, which is currently the highest bit rate audio transmission technology.

However, for the iPhone, only SBC and AAC encoding and decoding technologies are supported.

Almost all Bluetooth headsets support both encodings, so you don't have to pay attention to which code when choosing.

On more open Android, as long as the system is Android 8. 0 or higher, in addition to SBC and AAC, aptX and LDAC will be supported.

In addition to the encoding format, the headphone sound unit is also an important reason for affecting sound quality.

Common vocal units are moving coils and moving irons, and ring irons. Each tuning style has its own characteristics and feels different.

However, if you are not particularly passionate about sound quality, the encoding and vocal units are less important. After all, Bluetooth sounds worse than wired.

In addition, for a few hundred dollars Bluetooth headset, the difference in tuning is probably the most important factor in determining hearing.

Of course, in most cases, we buy Bluetooth headphones for convenience.

Sound quality is very important, but when we choose and buy, we should not blindly ignore the comfort of wearing for the sake of sound quality. (on these two points, it is recommended that you try to find opportunities for offline auditions as much as possible.).

  1. Noise reduction and waterproofing

In addition to the above, other features of headphones are equally important, such as noise reduction and waterproofing.

Noise reduction is divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction, almost all headphones have a certain physical passive noise reduction effect.

Generally speaking, passive noise reduction is also quite useful in general.

But if you have a high demand for noise reduction (I'm sure you will), you need to see if the Bluetooth headset has active noise reduction technology.

In addition, everyone who likes to wear headphones to exercise, sweat down that is sure, if the headphones are not waterproof, this thing is easy to scrap.

At this time, the waterproof level of headphones is required to be at least IPX4 and above.

As for how people choose between headwear and earthing, it depends on your daily needs.

Finally, there are so many options for Bluetooth headphones.

Of course, in most cases, for convenience, we buy a Bluetooth headset.

Sound quality is very important, but when buying and buying, don't blindly ignore the comfort of wearing for the sake of sound quality. (At these two points, it is recommended that you try to find as many offline auditions as possible.)

3.Noise Reduction Waterproof

In addition to the above functions, other functions of the headset are also important, such as noise reduction and waterproof.

Noise reduction is divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction. Almost all headphones have a certain physical passive noise reduction effect.

Generally, passive noise reduction is also useful.

However, if you have high requirements for noise reduction (I'm sure it will), you need to check whether the Bluetooth headset has active noise reduction technology.

In addition, everyone who likes to exercise with headphones can be sure that sweat has come down. If the headphones are not waterproof, this thing is easy to scrap.

At this time, the waterproof level of the headset is required to be at least IPX4 and above.

As for how people choose between headgear and grounding, it depends on your daily needs.

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Even with their huge popularity over the past few years, wearing glasses can sometimes be a pain when it comes to figuring out your makeup. Sure, you’ll nail the “geek chic” look while you’re wearing a pair of thick, square frames, but eye makeup can become a little bit difficult.

So, to help you navigate the terrain that is wearing makeup with glasses, here are eight mistakes you’ve got to avoid when you’re not wearing contacts.

  1. Dark shadowsSave the smokey eye makeup for when you’re wearing contacts, because too much dark eyeshadow underneath glasses can make your eyes look way too dark.
  2. Liner that matches your frames: Matching your liner to your frames can make your eyes blend in, not stand out. 
  3. Mascara on your bottom lashes: In general, mascara on your bottom lashes can be a little bit tricky, but especially when you’re wearing glasses, skip this.
  4. Anything besides yellow concealer: Opt for a yellow shade to really combat any dark or red discoloration happening.
  5. Thin with thick: Thick frames call for thick eyeliner, just as thin frames call for thin eyeliner.
  6. Forgetting your brows: Remember to brush through and tweeze your eyebrows, which are framing your frames.

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