How Can You Have A Better Butt


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1. Create better hips with squats and lunges (best ass bouncing)
2. Throw away that fat guy! -Exercise and increase diet and aerobic exercise
3. Choose the right underwear-upgrade underwear game. Boxing shorts can do nothing about your butt. Panties are a good choice if you already have good ass. Luggage is also a good choice-it's a wildcard. Boxer briefs have smooth support for better contours and illusions (no cotton!). This is the winner!

4. Suitable Pants-Wear panties to accentuate your hips. Pants should not sag-slim figure. Fasten your seat belt and make sure your legs are not too wide.
5. Enhance the butt of pants details-If you have extra loot, choose a less painful dark denim. If you want a bigger butt, go with light-colored pants. The pockets should not be too large and should not fall off your legs. The flaps and buttons add volume to the cheeks.


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