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It is possible for children and pets to coexist peacefully in the same family. Many people mistakenly ignore their pet needs or bring them back to an animal shelter when they first have children. They worry that the cat or dog will not get along with the new child, otherwise they will be bitten or scratched. This rarely happens, and if you take the time to introduce your pet to your child correctly, your child and pet can live in harmony.

One of the most worrying issues for new parents when petting at home is their response to their baby. Many stories of ancient wives, such as the breath that a cat sucks from a baby, are not true. In fact, many cats and dogs can easily take a new child into the home and become very loyal and protect the baby.

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you should introduce your pet to the new baby. Of course, these presentations require supervision. Give your cat or dog time to sniff your child at your own pace. Make your cat or dog introduction happy. In most cases, your cat or dog will not let your baby think twice. Adapt your pet to new situations based on your conditions. When a baby comes home, it's an adjustment for everyone.


Another thing you may want to consider when taking your child home is to make sure that your cat or dog is groomed appropriately. This includes trimming dog or cat nails. Your dog may want to put a paw on your baby. If his or her nails are long and sharp, your dog may accidentally scratch the baby. Although you can never remove pet hair from your home, if your dog or cat is trimmed and groomed, it will definitely help your home stay a little cleaner. Many new parents are also worried about allergies. The fact is that many studies have shown that children who have been in contact with pets since they were very young are actually less allergic to pets than children who have not been in contact with pets.


Another good idea is to make sure that your pet cannot enter your baby's room during siesta or at night without supervision. Although your pet may not harm your child, pets are naturally curious. The cat may jump into the crib, or it may be easy to knock the cradle or cradle with the big dog. When your pet is around your new baby, you should always supervise it. Most importantly, you should try to make sure you are still spending quality time with your pet. This applies especially to dogs who are used to playing and walking in the backyard.


As your child grows, you need to start teaching your child the right pet etiquette. If your dog or cat learns to respect your child, then your child also needs to learn to respect your pet. Teach your child not to pull or pull on the tail or ears of a cat or dog from an early age. Your child can learn proper pet etiquette even when he is very young. You will also want to teach your child to respect your pet's space. This includes making sure your child understands that he or she should never wake up a sleeping pet. This may surprise your pet and may cause bites or scratches. But if they do, they should rest on them very gently and wake them with a soft touch and kiss. In addition, you will want to make sure your child understands not to put in pet food, water, and trash cans. Your child is naturally curious, so it's always best to give your pet a private space away from the child.


There are many things you can do to ensure that children and pets live together peacefully. Your child and pet need to learn to respect each other from the start. There is no reason to get rid of cats or dogs just because you have a child now ... because they are also families!


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