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You do not have to pay five-star prices for those meals if you have the right kitchenware. 

Turn yourself into a master griller with Double Sided Grill Pan!!!

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How Double Sided Grill Pan Works

  • Works On Both Of The Surfaces

    Double-Sided Grill Pan provides two types of surfaces: a flat surface and a riffled surface. Both sides distribute the heat evenly so you are able to get perfectly grilled meat every single time.

  • Wide Applications

    Other than grilling, Double Sided Grill Pan is also ideal for frying and can be used as a pressure pan so you can experience meats that are falling of the bone without sacrificing hours of your time.

  • Great Quality Made

    Double-Sided Grill Pan is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with non-stick coating. Durable and easy to maintain, it also can be used with different cooktops such as halogen, electric, ceramic, or your traditional gas range.

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  • Non-Stick costing inside

  • Two surfaces inside

  • Heat Resistant coating outside for long-lasting

  • With extra seal rubber

  • Double-sided pressure grill pan

  • Super-conductive die-cast aluminum Material

  • Magnetic locking mechanism

  • Cook food faster and evenly, saving time and energy

  • Less odor and smoke for frying food

  • Ergonomic handle design for safe and comfort handling while cooking

  • Great for cooking your favorite meat, seafood, or chicken

  • Easy and convenient


Product Dimension: 47cm(L) x 37cm(W) x 8cm(T)

Packaging Weight: 2kg

Material: Aluminum

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Our Customer´s Opinion Of  Double Sided Grill Pan

Samantha R., 28 Years Old

Pretty decent for the price

It is very versatile, pizza, sandwich, biscuits and saves a lot of energy

Robin S., 24 Years Old

Grilling indoors is a cinch!

It's been barely two or three days since I have this grill and I am delighted. I only grilled vegetables in it so far inside the house. There was a bit of steam coming from the back of it, but little smell and practically no real smoke to set the fire alarm. Plus, it used very little oil unlike the frying pans I have.

Robert F., 32 Years Old

 Very good pan

Works very well. Seals shut with a very small hole for steam. I cooked salmon in it and it came out juicy (from being steamed while closed), and crispy (from being seared while open), also cut down on amount of smoke in the kitchen.

ANNA., 44 Years Old

Happycall nonstick double pan

Bought this for my daughter. She really likes to make omelets but wants them to look pretty. Flipping was always a problem. This pan is so amazing. You can tell the quality simply by the weight. It heats evenly and is no stick. My daughter has not wrecked an omelette yet. I am confident that this pan will last for many years also.

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