Our Customer´s Opinion Of  Rangefinder

Samantha R., 28 Years Old

This is a great RF for the money, the 6X eyepiece is great, focus adjustable, the view of the target is bright and clear and sharp. It is light and easy to carry. I use the RF for archery target and 3D and have a 30 yd course taped out using landscaping measure and this RF was dead bang on at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 yds. I imagine that accuracy will hold out to greater ranges. It has a slope compensator and angle indicator which is essential for long uphill and down hill shots. The cost of this unit is 1/6 of other units that don't do any more. My only concern is that it does not say water resistant which might be of concern in the rain but that is to be determined. I am very happy with this range finder, it was a good purchase for the money and does exactly what I need it to do and accurately.

Robin S., 24 Years Old

My Bushnell died after 3 years, the jolt feature jiggled itself to death. Not wanting to spend that much money again, I opted for this. Works fine. Slightly cheaper build quality, and uses batteries instead of USB charging like some others, but gets the job done at 1/4th the price. Accurate where I have comparison data. Pinseeker technology. Same operation as Bushnell. Good optics. Having a laser rangefinder really improves my golf game, helps me select the right club whether its to reach the pin or avoid a hazard. And I say that as a high handicapper senior golfer, not a young pup Rickie Fowler flat-brimmed Puma cap wearer wantabee. At this price why would you not have it in your bag?

Robert F., 32 Years Old

My loving wife surprised me with this rangefinder for Valentine’s Day. Well, she was actually more surprised since I told her she got it for me.

But what a thoughtful, considerate gift!

This thing is smaller and lighter than I ever expected. And the carry case it comes with is simply fantastic.

I had anticipated the viewfinder being a little brighter, but so far, I’ve only played with it in the house. I anticipate this thing being a lot of fun!

ANNA., 44 Years Old

I used it today during a round of golf...let me tell you, I was playing a pretty hilly course and my measurements were much more accurate than my partner whom was using a “brand name” rangefinder. His does not have the slope + angle compensated reading causing to be short on green approach shots ( my advantage). Viewfinder very clear and very easy to operate. Superior performance and unbeatable price!!